Home Automation Interests Varies Between Gender and Age

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In 2016, the National Smart Home Survey reported that awareness and interest in the smart home of today varies enormously on age and gender of prospective buyers. The report  provides extensive information that might help builders, contractors and realtors successfully target more buying clients.

Younger Buyers Want Conservation and Low Utilities

People surveyed under the age of 30 displayed much more interest in the energy-efficiency and cost-saving benefits of smart tech. In every one of the age groups except the youngest group (30 and under), conservation and utility bill savings ranked the lowest.

Mid-Age Bracket Want Convenience

The 30 to 45 year old consumers surveyed ranked convenience as their top priority. They want items that save them time and effort.  Labor savers, like control of all sub-systems from a touch panel,  were big winners.

Older Buyers Need Safety and Security

45 to 60  year olds surveyed valued security more than anything else in the smart home features.   They wanted to know their home and valuables  were secure. Features like surveillance and camera systems were top on their list.

Oldest Surveyed Put Safety and Security Equal to All Conveniences

The oldest of those surveyed, over 60 years old, determined that security and safety rated equal to any technological convenience offered.  As with the next down in age bracket, the elder buyers wanted safety and security for loved ones, valuables and themselves.

The survey also reported that while older generations are becoming more aware of smart home tech, they are absolutely the least anxious to try it out.

Women Want Security Benefits, Men Like Convenience

Women care more about smart homes with smart devices that offer security, while men placed much more value to devices that offer convenience.

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