Home Automation Haven for Everyone in your family

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One of the greatest challenges of modern technology is finding a way to make it easy to use, and not get swallowed up by all the options. This is especially true of home automation where many different people, often from two, three, or even four different generations share the home together. Fortunately, Crestron’s home automation system makes managing home technology easy. A home with parents, grandparents, and children can be set up to seamlessly interact with everyone’s mobile device.










Crestron’s easy to navigate dashboards allow users to control everything from the Lutron lights and motorized curtains to GE Network alarm systems and security cameras from an iOS or Android device. Users can also control a host of home entertainment equipment as well. Each user can also be limited in their access. The main user can limit the control their child has to the security or home entertainment functions. Crestron builds systems around the homeowner’s life, instead of making the homeowner change their life to accommodate the technology.











With the Crestron system, instead of a dizzying array of buttons and options, a clean elegant dashboard allows users to control the most common functions in each room from one screen. The dashboard even lets you run a preset house wide lighting program with the touch of a button. Music can be piped into the most commonly used rooms with equal ease. Crestron’s dashboard can be individualized so each member of the family has their own preset options for their bedrooms on their dashboards. Crestron understands that luxury and automation are about convenience and simplicity.

E-control_headerHome automation also aids in security and climate control. When a visitor pushed the outside intercom button a screen shot of their face can be viewed from anywhere with a mobile device. You always know exactly who you are letting into your home. You can feel peace of mind knowing that you can check your home surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world. Never worry about forgetting to close the garage or wondering if all the lights were turned off. Customized dashboards also allow you to program your home’s climate control system remotely. You can save energy and still have your home at the perfect temperature when you arrive by turning on the heat or air conditioning the moment you head for home.

When you are ready to relax for the evening Crestron allows you light the gas fireplace, turn on a movie, close the curtains and dim the lights with a simple button, instead of clicking thorough endless screens and menus. Your home entertainment can be pushed out to any TV and speakers in the house. There are not any remotes to lose or fiddle with, just the same simple interface on your mobile device. You have a true universal remote in the palm of your hand.

Having the best home technology shouldn’t make your life more complicated, and your home harder to use. Crestron allows you to truly be the master of your home by providing seamless integration with a beautiful and simple user focused design. Everyone in your family will be able to live in customized luxury at home, and have confidence in their home’s security when traveling. Crestron is not only bringing technology together, but also bringing families together.