First C SEED 201 TV sold by North American installer and dealer AHTflorida

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July 2013, Ibiza, Spain:

First C SEED 201 TV installation in Spain by North America’s dealer and installer AHT Residential, Inc.

A homeowner located in Ibiza, Spain had his mind set on TVs for his outdoor terrace. He asked AHT to come up with a big idea to impress and blow away his guests for a local event coming up. AHT’s first idea was a huge unfolding C SEED 201 TV designed by Porsche Design Studios.

C SEED IBIZA 41 copy

C SEED IBIZA 38 copy



With a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Ocean, a fresh breeze, and captivating movie on the big screen, the terrace became the center of attention. The AHT installation team had it done in time for the event, and all the guests were definitely impressed. AHT’s mission was accomplished.

The Porsche Design Studio combines a tradition of craftsmanship with innovative technology. Every product they design has the potential of becoming a classic. All Porsche Design products contain an unmistakable signature: clarity and functionality of form, carefully selected materials, and high-quality workmanship.



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C SEED TV Functioning

The C SEED 201 TV column takes 15 seconds to achieve its full height of 4.65 m (15 ft.) with effortless ease. It rises from its waterproof underground shaft easily so that seven massive LED panels unfold  soundlessly within the next 25 seconds.

The C SEED 201 TV screen functions through remote control and can rotate up to 135 degrees to the right or left for optimal viewing options. It also has height adjustment options allowing users to raise or lower the panels to the appropriate viewing level for whatever viewing situations the observers are in. The panels are designed to slide together to offer a seamless TV screen with revolutionary high pixel resolution which can be viewed in any outdoor environment whether it is daylight or night-time setting. The 725,000 LEDs process image quality up to 100,000 times per second offering a display of 4.4 trillion vibrant colors at any time of the day or night.

C SEED 201 CSEED_insallation_AHT







Sound Functionality

When a TV is placed outdoor sound usually needs to be adjusted to compensate for outside noises; however, the C SEED 201 TV’s sound system has 12 broadband speakers and 3 subwoofers for low frequencies to deliver excellent sound in all outdoor conditions.

Our current Ibiza property project is additionally surrounded by the latest speaker systems, featuring JBL and James Loudspeakers installed in outdoor terraces, balconies and the basketball area.

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