Digital Living Event: Recap

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It’a a wrap! All the planning, promoting, and organizing, came to an epic end last Thursday. We are very thankful for all the manufactures who participated in the event. All designers, architects, craftsman, and clients seemed to take away new insights about integrating technology into their future projects. In today’s advanced society, technology is always a crucial element to any project. We plan on having more events in the future to showcase the latest trends and innovations of technology in a home, business, and yacht.

We were very proud to be the first place anyone has been able to obtain a glimpse of Prima Cinema. First run movies in your home, Prima Cinema is sure to be a dynamic device to add a lot of value to the home theater experience.

Speaking of “the home theater experience” the combination of Sim2, Kaleidescape, and Meridian Audio created a one of a kind cinematic atmosphere. The 3D demo of the visually stunning movie Hugo using Sim2’s 3D projection technology was amazing!

A projection home theater is the way to go for the best cinematic experience, but for the ultimate media room, the Runco/Planar Video Matrix is the solution. The 2×2 video matrix was stationed in the common area of the event. The window wall is just the beginning of a new line of display experiences Planar is developing. Their artistic displays are sure to add a new dimension to any creative designer looking for a versatile eye catching design in a home or commercial space

Sometimes the best audio and video experiences are the ones that are hidden! With a combination of Seura mirror televisions, Sonance’s hidden speakers, and Trufig’s hidden technology protrusions, the core design of any home, business, or yacht stays true to form. These devices have become a handy tool in a designer’s toolbox. At the event, all design conscious attendees gravitated to the products and wanted to learn more.

No matter which room you were in, Meridian Audio was there to greet you. In the Prima Cinema room, a pair of Meridian white classy 7200’s were connected for the audio enjoyment. In the theater room, a complete Meridian 5.1 surround sound was set up for the best audio experience. In the common area, a pair of Meridian’s latest speaker, the M6’s were playing from Meridian’s modern day digital juke-box device called a Control 15 also known as Sooloos.

The event could not be complete without Crestron. Crestron is the fundamental control solution that ties all electronics together. From handheld devices to large touch screens, Crestron had a variety of their control devices showcased.

Key Takeaway:  It was a great day of technology learning and experiencing from today’s leading manufacturers. A lot of work, but worth it!