Designing the Best Climate Control Solution

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Have you ever been hot in one area of your home while cold in other areas? This is caused by having limited thermostat sensors that regulate your  home.  When designing a home automation layout that includes climate controls, AHT System Designers consider different areas in a home that may be most occupied. By strategically placing multiple thermostats and sensors throughout a property,  a home can be energy efficient while providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Crestron Thermostats chv-tstat

There are several Crestron thermostat models. They are available in wired or wireless models. Additionally, depending on a thermostat’s needed functionality, there are different featured Crestron thermostats that have the ability to heat, cool or regulate the humidity in or outside a home. When multiple thermostats are used, they are networked together creating a more efficient climate control solution.


Crestron Thermostat Sensors


Instead of adding multiple thermostats, another option is to regulate and control  the climate throughout a house by using a single thermostat with additional thermostat sensors. By placing the sensors strategically throughout the areas where people will most often gather, a regulated temperature can be maintained and controlled. Each sensor is about the size or quarter and can be painted over to blend seamlessly within a designed space.


The AHT Residential Design team ensures the placement of the temperature sensors’ location. During the installation, it is important that they are not installed close to a heat or humidity source. They need to be away from direct sunlight, skylights and windows. When mounting the sensors outdoors, it’s important not to place them in direct sunlight or precipitation. Sensors are suitable for mounting in dry or damp locations as defined by the National Electrical Code

To Sum Up Climate Control

Climate control products enhance home automation systems, providing the ultimate benefits in energy conservation and cost savings. HVAC systems can be controlled conveniently from keypads and touch panels as part of a complete home automation control solution. By using sophisticated thermostats and thermostat sensors, homes and buildings become ultra-efficient.  When automating, managing and monitoring  temperatures, energy and utility costs are saved while each space in a home becomes more comfortable for the occupant.

If you have a question about thermostat controls or AHT’s home automation services, feel to contact one of our residential technology specialists.

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