Designing Technology to Fit Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

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Recently AHT Residential completed a 35 million dollar spec house at 4555 Pinetree Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. One of the many stunning aspects of the home is its outdoor living space. From selecting the right  furniture to integrating the proper technology, a lot of thought and consideration went into every aspect of the interior and exterior of the home. In this post, we will discuss a few outdoor features of this AHT project and give tips on what truly makes for a great outdoor living space.


4555 Pinetree Miami Spec House - Barbecue Area

4555 Pinetree Miami Spec House – Barbecue Area

Outdoor televisions are a great addition to any outdoor living space. They can be used to watch sporting events, movies or even as a monitor for changing art all while enjoying the sun and the outdoors. There are many options when it comes to outdoor televisions. We always recommend to go for the size that is a bit bigger than what you were planning for. When you are outside, the ability to view a screen from a far distance is a plus. Additionally, you will want to make sure the TV is weather proof and has the ability to fight off the glare from the sun.

Outdoor speakers are another must for creating the perfect outdoor living space. If you plan to entertain guests and family, chances are music will be a priority. There are many outdoor speaker and sub-woofer options on the market today. Speakers can be a rock, satellite or mounted on a wall, and sub-woofers can be placed under the ground, so the music is heard, but the technology is hidden. With the use of a home automation system, all control functions and media sources can be controlled easily.


The right lighting can go a long way for creating the ambiance and setting the outdoor mood. With the proper programming, lighting scenes can go from ultra bright to soothing and romantic in an instant. You can even create a party lighting scene if you plan to have a party during the night.

Furniture & Accessories

4555 Pinetree Miami Spec House - Outside Sitting Area

4555 Pinetree Miami Spec House – Outside Sitting Area

There are many options when it comes to outdoor furniture and accessories.  Every outdoor space should have an area with lounge chairs for social seating and a table and chair area for dining. Having a grill for afternoon cookouts makes a lot of sense too. Depending where your house is located, a heated, covered area—either a porch or cabana may make sense for your entertaining needs.

Cameras and Security

4555 Pinetree Miami Spec House - Speaker and Camera

4555 Pinetree Miami Spec House – Speaker and Camera

Keeping an eye on your property while home or away is a must for every luxury property. The ability to make sure loved ones are safe and prized possessions are secure cannot be underestimated.

Above All

An outdoor living space is a place for everyone to relax, eat and enjoy company. Great outdoor spaces are well-designed social spaces. If your family and friends can hang out there, cook, eat, and enjoy, the space is a success.

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