Crestron’s QMT™ Shade Motor: First of Its Kind

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The first-of-its-kind Digital QMT™ shade motor by Crestron transforms home shading solutions with a brushless DC motor with solid-state control that is incredibly small, yet powerful enough for any job. The Digital QMT motor delivers energy-efficient and virtually silent performance for window shades of almost any size. The motorized shade is so reliable that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

Brushless Design. Big Benefits.
Crestron’s Digital QMT motor is powered by the first brushless motor design for shades, which translates into exceptional reliability, smoother operation, and ultra-quiet performance. It provides superior torque in a small package — a single motor is able to power a shade as narrow as 21 inches or as wide as 10 feet. Variable Speed Control (VSC) settings in 1/10 RPM increments offer an unprecedented level of precision. Plus it eliminates the carbon dust generated by motors utilizing brushes.

“This is a huge leap forward in technology that puts Crestron Shades in a class all by themselves,” said Charlie Derk, Shading Solutions Technology Manager at Crestron. “Our new digital motor ensures customers will only notice the beauty and convenience of their shades; not a whirring sound interrupting their dinner party, or shades stopping unevenly, or a motor failing because it is clogged with carbon dust. Customers will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our lifetime warranty.”

Seamless integration
The Digital QMT motor integrates seamlessly into the complete Crestron home automation ecosystem, allowing homeowners to adjust their shades, lighting, audio, video, temperature, door locks, and more from any device they choose, including touch screens, iPad®, or their smartphone.

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