Crestron Home Automation: 2014 Year in Review

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Crestron had major announcements in 2014. For our first blog post in 2015, we recap several Crestron products that AHT featured in 2014. We can’t wait to learn what Crestron has in store for 2015!

Are You Ready to Go Pyng? Crestron’s Newest Invention?

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There was a lot of speculation during the Summer of 2014 that Crestron was going to announce a new home automation product. We speculated about the announcement, and sure enough, Crestron Pyng was announced at the 2014 CEDIA convention. The Crestron Pyng™ app provides a quick, easy solution for setting up and controlling lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, and security systems in a home. This free home automation app enables complete setup from an Apple® iPad® and control from iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices.
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Crestron’s Proximity Beacon: Home Automation Technology

Creston’s new PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacon keeps a mobile automation controller, like an ipad or iphone, automatically connected as the device is moved room to room. The iOS device will always know which room it is in. When the device is in the dinning room and the music is turned on or the shades are lowered, the action will take place in the dinning room and no other room in the house. Individual preferences can also be configured for each individual’s iPad or iPhone.
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Crestron’s Newest Touch Screen of 2014: TSD-2020

The TSD-2020 beautifully combines a Crestron touch screen and HD video into one slim and lightweight touch control surface that permits total control of your home. The touch screens 20” full HD display offers a larger viewing surface for controlling AV, lighting, security, temperature and other technologies. The device also offers excellent video as an HDTV or computer monitor. Its high-sensitivity surface gives touch response with fingertip or annotation pen.

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2 Button Crestron Keypad: Simplified Home Automation ImageGen

Although Crestron’s two button keypad, model number HTT-B2EX-BATT, was not a new product of 2014, we featured the product on the AHT blog several months back. The simplified keypad  is a battery-powered, wireless keypad designed to control a wide range of applications supported by a Crestron control system. Due to it’s simple nature, the controller is ideal for bedside or living room applications. In addition, the two button controller is ideal for children’s rooms and the elderly. The most common functionality of the two button keypad are for lighting and shading.

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