Crestron is a Best Home Technology System

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In a world of constantly changing technologies and hundreds of companies and products. How can you choose the best products for your home?

AHT Residential is here to help you make the best decisions with regards to some of the most exciting advances in home technology systems that allow you to control everything from audio and video, to security, shades, and lighting.

There are three major players in the home technology field. The experts at AHT Residential use the Crestron system over other systems by its competitors Savant and Control4. While all three claim to have integrated technology to make your home a smart home, only Crestron has the superior quality and reliability AHT Residential expects from products it provides to its customers.

The Crestron home technology system offers superior networking abilities and is designed to connect with the iPad and equipment as varied as computers, blu-ray players, security systems, HVAC equipment, lighting, shades, and even personal mobile devices. Crestron is also designed with convenience and technology security in mind. Crestron pioneered the world’s first IP-based control system and has consistently been on the cutting edge of remote access and security.

While both Savant and Control4 systems have some remote access capabilities, they still lag behind Crestron in experience, functionality, and the number of options. Crestron products are designed with both scalability and multitasking in mind. This makes Crestron the superior choice for either a custom home or a commercial building. Crestron also allows for remote scheduling, monitoring, and pre-programmed routines from a central help desk.

Not only does Crestron produce a superior technology to its rivals, they also have a commitment to quality that is second to none. Crestron has been an industry leader for over four decades. Crestron products are consistently found to be the most reliable in the industry; however, Crestron still continues to employ a variety of quality control experts to improve the reliability of its products. Crestron’s corporate culture practices Kaizen, the process of continuous improvement. The company relies on carefully executed planning and rigorous internal and external quality assurance practices. This means that Crestron not only inspects and monitors its products for quality and reliability, it also holds its vendors to the same industry-leading high standards. Only the most qualified suppliers who are as dedicated to operational excellence can be a Crestron partner.

Crestron products and customer service are superior to its rivals because of Crestron’s core values. Crestron believes in open communication with customers to better understand their needs. Another core value is the quality. The company builds it right the first time, but continuously improves its products, and is always in pursuit of excellence.

The experts at AHT Residential choose Crestron because of their superior products, excellent customer service, and commitment to excellence. AHT Residential wants its customers to be completely satisfied with their home technology system. That is why AHT Residential uses an industry leader in both products and customer service like Crestron.