A Traditional Built Home or a Smart Home: Which One is Right For You?

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The difference between a traditionally built home and a smart home is night and day. With a traditionally built home, you will need to manually turn on the TV, close the window shades, turn off the lights and then switch the source across to HDMI to turn on additional sourcs like an AppleTV or Blu-Ray player. With a smart home, you can press one button and have your home do it all for you.

Turning a Traditional Home into a Smart Home

The first step is a reliable network that will act as the main communication hub for all of your devices. As smart home technology becomes less reliant on cables as a whole, a wireless network becomes an increasingly more important. It also goes without saying that a robust, secure Wi-Fi network is vital to keep hackers and cyber attacks from accessing your data.

This robust wireless network can be combined with necessary cabling for graded smart security systems and satellite TV distribution into a hybrid system that gives you the ability to manage the entire home through a single touchpoint like a mobile phone or touchscreen.

You will have control of your residence at your fingertips 24/7. Should anything happen, even when you’re not at home, you can take steps to monitor and resolve issues from anywhere in the world. With a smart home, you can adjust the property’s settings while you’re on the way home, so everything is to your liking before you even enter your home.

Earlier the Better

For the best results, a smart home technology specialist needs to be brought into the build discussion as early as possible. Today’s modern homes combine functional simple design, quality craftsmanship and procise technology integration. A fully functional smart home, without any compromises, is achievable as long as it’s thought out properly in advance.

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