A Guide to Planning the Best Audio System for Your Home

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Purchasing top-of-the-line audio equipment to fill every space in your home indoors and outdoors is a great first step towards enjoying music and movies throughout your property, but it’s not the only factor. Homeowners that have listened to audio speakers in a showroom, and made a purchase, will discover the speakers sound different in their home. Why would that be? Let’s explore.

Room Acoustics

Choosing the right components is important, but putting them in the right room is just as important. An acoustically optimal room delivers just the right amount of sound – both direct sound from the system’s speakers and reflected sound that bounces off surfaces in the room – to the listener’s ears. Tuning a room’s acoustics is an extremely complex process that involves the surfaces of the walls, floor, and ceiling, as well as the construction and placement of furniture and every other object in the room. If you understand the basics of acoustics, you’ll probably be able to do a reasonable job of designing the room, but a professional designer will be able to fine-tune the room’s acoustics much more efficiently and effectively.

Choosing Components

The actual equipment that makes up the audio system is obviously of considerable significance in the design of the system, but the best system design involves choosing components in conjunction with a consideration of the entire context of the system. Selecting high-quality components that produce the best audio is only part of the process. You’ll need to make sure that the components you choose are capable of adequate power output to fill your room, that the equipment will fit into the available space and that your home’s electrical system is able to power the components. You’ll also have to pay attention to not only major components such as amplifiers and speakers but also less glamorous parts of the system, such as cables.

Hiring Professionals

If you’re serious about designing the best possible home audio system, you should consider turning the project over to professionals who have the knowledge and experience to do the job correctly. In an ideal project with an extravagant budget, you’ll be able to hire an architect to design a home for the system from scratch and an experienced contractor to build it. If your budget is more modest, an audio-visual designer can help you through the process of choosing components and altering an existing room to optimize the system’s performance.

Audio Designed for Your Needs

If you plan to distribute audio and video content throughout the house, you need to make sure you have the TVs and the technology to accommodate your system. Contact AHT for a free consultation. We are here to lend our 20+ years of audio/video expertise.

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