5 Ways Smart Home Connected Devices Are Changing Your Life

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The modern connected home is powered by a network. The network is what enables communication to be transmitted between all connected devices which enables a home to be “smarter’ and more efficient. The ability to autonomously control a home based on temperature, living habits and even the position of the sun enables a homeowner to have more peace of mind and comfort knowing that certain elements of their house are being automatically controlled.

Below are 5 more ways on how the connected home is changing homeowners lives.


Seeing is believing, so when products like a surveillance camera are IoT-enabled, you can get a visual of the happenings at home. Some cameras have sensors built it that will push a notification to you whenever they sense motion, for example.

House Supplies

Low on milk? Does your home’s appliance need to be updated? IoT devices like trash cans, washing machines, and indoor air quality monitors can keep track of things and notify you when you need to take action.

More Control Options

Back before so many things were connected to the Internet, the only way to monitor and manage them were through keypads, touchpanels, and remote controls. IoT extends control options to include smartphones, tablets, and voice.

Remote Monitoring

Prior to IoT, homeowners experiencing problems with their smart devices had to call a home technician to troubleshoot the issue on-site. IoT devices, however, allows our techs easy access to smart devices and systems. usually, they can be informed of problems and remedy them without ever coming to your house.

Smart Data

By exchange information with businesses, industries, and public places, you can relay data to the people and places of your choosing based on your activity. For example, a connected pair of running shoes could communicate data to your friends, to show the time and distance you ran for a day, or a connected appliance could send an email to your local grocery store when you’re running low on a specific item, so it can be delivered later in the week.

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