5 Tips for Selling Homes with Smart Technology

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Smart homes are on the rise. According to recent research, over 50% of people are interested in smart homes. It should come as no surprise that having a smart home system already installed can be a big selling point. However, there are pitfalls you should avoid before showing a home with smart technology.   These five tips will help realtors sell a home with a preexisting technology system.

1. Make Sure The System is Active
When a house is vacant an owner will discount cable and internet services. You’ll want to make sure the house has an active internet connection, as smart homes work off of an integrated network. Check with your clients to make sure they leave the internet service active, so you can sell their technology systems as a feature.

2. Test the System Before The Clients Show Up
Before your clients walk through the door, you’ll want to test the system to get a general idea of how it works. No one is expecting you to be a technology expert, but it’s hard to sell a feature you may not understand. Test out each button, and learn how to operate the home’s features.  If a feature is not working, call the technology company that installed the system or contact AHT Residential. We can provide you with a solution.

3. Cue Up Features Before An Open House 
If you want to showcase a theater, cue up a movie before your clients start coming through the doors. If you are trying to sell your clients on the surround sound system, have calm, light music playing as they walk through the door. Sure, it’s exciting to see what the technology of the house can do from start to finish, but having a few features cued before your clients arrive will set the mood in the home.  You can show them the ins and outs of the system during the tour.

4.  Play With Lighting Scenes
Automatic lighting and motorized shades are some of the earliest forms of smart technology in the home, but if they are not programmed properly they can also be difficult to deal with. Make sure to test the homes shades and lights before your clients arrive. Having the lighting and shades set  to your liking before they enter the house is a good idea too. You can show your client the different scenes that can be created by a touch of a button during the tour.

5. Download the App
If the interface of the current system is not user friendly, we suggest downloading the app from Crestron or the home’s system manufacturer.  A simple interface is a huge selling point, so use it to your advantage. Let your clients know that is possible to change the system and user interface to fit their needs.

If you are experiencing any difficulties operating the home’s automation system, contact support at AHT Residential. Even if you are not a current client, we would be more than happy to help you troubleshoot an existing home automation systems.