5 Home Technology Brands that Go Beyond Just Tech: Tools to Beautify

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The misconception many interior designers, architects, and homeowners have about technology is that it detracts from the beauty of a space. However, there are many revolutionary brands that create products that go beyond a piece of technology. They create tools for interior designers, architects, and homeowners to use to make smarter and more elegant homes. Below is a short list of 5 leading technology brands that are committed to developing products that go beyond just tech.


For over 40 years, Crestron has been making products to make homes operate smarter. From audio/video controls to automated lighting and motorized shading, every Crestron product is made with not only technology in mind but with the aesthetics as well. Crestron has partnered with Harttman&Forbes to provide a wide-range of fabric and color options for their shading solutions. Their solutions provide technology integrators to create easy to operate home control systems that can be virtually out-of-site.


Great design is about attention to detail. Traditionally, technology compromises the flow and integrity of any space. There is very little consistency across industrial design, variations in color and sheen, standard or screwless faceplates, square or rounded corners. In addition, devices protruding out of the wall or ceiling create distracting shadow lines. Unfortunately, code, safety, and convenience dictate they be there. Do they have to be such a visual intrusion?

TRUFIG is a revolutionary design solution that allows technology to be mounted completely flush with the wall or ceiling.


More than just a television and more than just a mirror, Reflectel creates elegant pieces of functional high-tech art to complement the design of your room and bring artful sophistication to your TV.

All of their pieces are hand-crafted using the finest frame materials, best televisions, and the highest quality glass available.


Founded in 1982, Sonance helped to kick-start the entire custom installation industry with its line of high-performance, yet architecturally friendly loudspeaker products. At that time, both could rarely be achieved together.

Sonance Architectural Series utilizes a trim-less grille that is totally flush and sits on the same plane as the surrounding ceiling surface, eliminating distracting shadow lines.

Bang & Olufsen

Since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been the product of rebels and engineers, designers and artists, PhDs and creative thinkers. Providing artistic audio visual solutions that simplifies daily life is their goal.

As classic design icons, B&O products blend in. They don’t conflict with objects already there, they complement them. Bang & Olufsen products don’t impose upon the feelings you already have about your space; they simply enhance those emotions.

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