A 4K Television That’s the Size of A House

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Titan, a British hand crafted television manufacturer, has designed the largest indoor outdoor TV in the world to date. With 4K resolution to go along with a 370-inch screen, the television is a ridiculous combination of size and clarity.

The giant TV goes by the name of  Zeus, and it will make its first public appearance at the Cannes Film Festival where it will be used to display the 2014 World Cup games.

While supplies last, you can be the owner of one of these monstrous televisions.  Titan made a limited supply of four television. Two televisions have  have already been sold to anonymous buyers.

The Titan team was created following a request by X-BOX in 2013 to build the most beautiful gaming screen ever seen. Four weeks later, the first Titan Screen was built from scratch and became the largest screen ever put into Leicester Square, London in November 2013.

Below are the size comparisons for Titan’s four mammoth sized television displays .

 370 Inches


An Elephant Sized Television at 370 Inches

251 Inches


251 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Display

196 Inches


196 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Display


173 Inches


173 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Display