4 Jaw Dropping Television Displays That Will Blow You Away

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With creativity and innovation, manufacturers have engineered televisions to adapt to wide array of environments and applications. In this post, we explore several unique television designs that would leave anybody speechless.

Bang & Olufsen 85″ Beovision Avant LED TV

The new 85-inch B&O Beovision Avant features a sound panel containing seven integrated drivers that glides into view under the screen and slides to the sides to provide stereo separation when the TV is switched on. A 6.5-inch Coscone subwoofer is also found on the rear of the unit, with an integrated wireless transmitter allowing the connection of additional external speakers to provide full 7.1 surround sound. The Beovision pivots on a circular stainless steel base that angles the TV in almost any direction. B&O has always sleek technology design and they do not disappoint with their latest creation.


Seura Storm Outdoor Televisions

Spring is here and summer is approaching fast. With an increase in temperature,  more outdoor activities are sure to come. If you enjoy entertaining in the background, the Seura Storm maybe the perfect fit. The TVs are housed in an anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel cabinet, and though the use of Seura’s proprietary Activ-Airflow System with heaters to allow the TVs to withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees, all the way up to 140-degrees Farenheit. Externally the TVs also utilize a sealed, weatherproof cabinet, a non-corrosive Precession O-Ring system, a two-stage filtration and weatherproof media compartment that protects against insects, salt, dust and dirt.


Planar Clarity Matrix Video Wall

The next-generation Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture delivers a new level of visual performance for Planar‘s award-winning Clarity Matrix family of LCD video wall solutions. This immersive, flexible video wall combines the industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LED LCD with improvements in design, installation and service, delivering on its reputation as the best-in-class LCD video wall solution. Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture sets a new benchmark with a tiled bezel width as small as 3.7mm, outstanding image quality, simplified installation and maintenance and 24×7 mission-critical reliability.

Planar Mosaic Video Wall

“The new Planar Mosaic elevates video from the realm of information to one of inspiration, and will allow installations and designs never before possible,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing at Planar Systems. “Planar is changing the rules, creating a new category of thin architecture video displays.

Configure Your Clarity Matrix Video Wall

The Clarity Matrix Calculator provides a simulated representation of your video wall along with important product specifications specific to your Clarity Matrix video wall design, including dimensions, weight, rack components, power consumption and heat load. Click here to configure a video wall design.

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