2018 Promises to be a Big Year for Crestron Product Announcements

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2018 promises to be a year full of Crestron innovations that include Horizontal Sheers, the addition of video control via Pyng, two new remote controls, and new keypads.

Horizontal Sheers

 For projects on a budget, Crestron’s new Horizontal Sheers may be the perfect solution. Crestron Horizontal Sheers can both darken the room and create privacy or let in diffuse light at other times without the need for both a blackout shade and sheer shade. Once the Sheers go down, horizontal ribs can be turned 90 degrees and they let more natural light in.


Pyng Video

Pyng, Crestron’s app-based control system, integrates audio, lighting, shades, security, and locks. The system will now be able to integrate video. Video control has been the missing element to Pyng’s whole-home integration capabilities since it’s launch in 2015. In 2018, Pyng Video will control TVs and projectors, video sources (set-top boxes, DVRs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, Amazon Fire, and Apple TVs), AV receivers via IP, RS-232, or IR control through various boxes.

New Handheld Remotes

Crestron’s plans to launch two new 310-Series handheld remotes. One is a simple button remote (HR 310) and the other a touchscreen remote (TSR-310).

On the HR 310, there are some buttons that are raised up to identify where you are on the remote. At the top, you have nine customizable buttons that have a custom cap that fits over those nine buttons. The buttons are shipped as a single nine-piece unit.

The TSR-310’s 3-inch touchscreen features a much-improved screen with 93 percent more pixels and 50 percent higher pixel density than the TSR-302. The design also cut about 2 inches off the length of the predecessor and about half the weight. It also has a microphone button and relatively simple way to program voice control of lights, shades, climate, and media. The remote communicates via Wi-Fi, despite prior issues using the technology.


Following the popularity of Crestron’s Cameo keypads, Crestron has developed an even more elegant solution that provides designers and homeowners with high-end design options for luxury projects.

There are four different style options: single, side-to-side rocker, small-to-side rocker, small up-down rocker, and large up-down rocker that can be mixed and matched on a keypad; any button space can support any button configuration. Any single or horizontal rocker can fit on any one of these spaces. That means you can have as many as 10 buttons on one keypad.

For backlighting, there are multi-color options per button, enabling one to highlight a whole-house “off” button in a specific color, for example. Or the LED, which shines through the custom engraving, could be used as a status indicator in addition to lighting the buttons for visibility at night.

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