The Anatomy of the Meridian DSP8000 Loudspeaker

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Imagine perfect sound, perfect acoustics, pristine notes, and no reverberation or distortion.  The Meridian Audio DSP8000 Loudspeaker achieves that perfection, but what makes it so elite? In this post, we will dissect several features of the DSP8000 and discover why it has become known by many  as one of the most sought after loudspeakers in the audio industry.

Specialty Cabinets

The DSP8000 features a uniquely-designed cabinet that is designed for optimal audio output.  The head and bass units deliver sound with mid-range transparency and low coloration. Meridian’s narrow designed profile combined with wood and metal materials for its structure produces distinct tonal quality through perfect damping and high stiffness. The sleek cabinet is firmly supported by adjustable feet, allowing the addition of skids if needed.

Meridian DSP8000

Detailed photo showing the construction of Meridian speaker enclosures: the panels are constructed from a laminate of metal and cold-grown spice plywood.
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Digital Sound Processing

Digital Sound Processing, or DSP, is a technology featured on each Meridian Loudspeaker. Rather than operating an analogue circuitry system, Meridian Loudspeakers use DSP to ensure that sound quality transfers perfectly from digital source to analogue output. The DSP8000 performs  electronic equalization while eliminating crossover and variations from other incoming frequencies. The result is a pure crisp sound.


Updated Drivers

DSP8000 Speaker Electronics

A view of the electronics inside of a Meridian DSP8000 Loudspeaker.

The Meridian Audio DSP8000 Loudspeaker features six high-efficiency bass driver units. Mounted in symmetrical pairs within the bass head unit, the bass driver units are designed to minimize vibration and cancel interference from the mid-range and treble units. The Special Edition Meridian Loudspeaker feature extra clamps that ground the driver units and further diminish vibrations. Features such as a solid beryllium treble unit combined with the added security of metal clamps allow the Special Edition greater performance over a wider frequency range.

Meridian High Resolution System

“MHR was the first approved encryption method for transferring high definition digital audio between components. Previously, it had to be in the analogue domain, reducing quality. MHR allows secure movement of high resolution digital audio within a Meridian system, without compromise, improving quality by reducing cyclic repetition.”

Experience the Meridian DSP8000 Live

The Meridian Audio DSP8000 is perfect for the distinctive tastes of sound aficionados. Contact AHT Residential to schedule an appointment at one of Meridian-Audio’s experience centers.

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