The 5 Most Desireable Home Automation Features in 2017

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When it comes to home automation solutions, there is no such thing as one size fits all. As an integrated home automation specialists, AHT Residential thrives on customizing home control solutions to fit our clients lifestyles. Every project requires unique customization, but there are a few home automation features to every project that almost every client desires. Below are 5 features that most people desire in a home automation system in 2017.

1: Single User-Interface Control

It takes a true smart home, not a collection of devices, to create the kind of experience homeowners expect. They want devices to work together to proactively make the home safer, smarter and more efficient, and a single user interface to control everything.

2. Voice Control

When it comes to people who have smart homes with voice control and people who want smart homes with voice control, the top use in both cases is entertainment. According to the 2017 Smart Home Marketplace Survey,  57% of people surveyed use voice control the most for home entertainment needs.  Controlling smart lighting was the second choice. View the independent survey below.

3: Reliable, top-notch smart home security

Knowing that the home is safe, secure and protected against a wide range of threats is the most important benefit of smart home technology. In an emergency, homeowners want robust, professionally monitored security technology they can depend on even if the power is out and the home’s phone line and broadband are down. For day-to-day security, homeowners want a smart, proactive solution that keeps them in control and connects to a broad ecosystem of devices in the home.

4: Comfort and Convenience

While smart thermostats are great at delivering energy savings, most still take the old-fashioned approach to comfort, based entirely on the temperature of the room that the thermostat is in. That’s not smart enough for most homeowners, who want precision comfort features as well as smart savings. To deliver both, a smart thermostat needs advanced cloud intelligence that uses data from remote temperature and other activity sensors.

5: Long-Term Support

Just as they turn to professional service providers to help manage other critical aspects of their home, homeowners show a preference for expert help when it comes to the smart home.

AHT Residential’s team of smart home technology engineers and professionals have been designing residential, commercial and marine integrated technology solutions for over 20 years. To find out more about what makes us different from the rest, schedule a consultation.

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