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As seen in the harmonious flowing lines, precious finishes and trend-savvy colors: SIM2 innovation is clearly evident in their product design. This expression of the “Made in Italy” design culture is the result of a research path that runs parallel to the pursuit of technological advancement. Immediately catching the eye with their unmistakable good-looks, SIM2 projectors become a statement piece in your home or in professional surroundings and are the perfect synthesis of form and function.

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Home Cinema Projectors


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Ultimate Professional experience

  • Reliable and built to work around the clock
  • 3D technology
  • Perfect fit lens feature
  • Razor-sharp images with amazingly high contrast ratio
  • High Brightness
  • Superb color accuracy and reliability for a stunning picture that lasts

“I have owned many projectors in my life: Sim2 is now in both my studios and home.”
Francis Ford Coppola.




Choosing a SIM2 product means experiencing a wealth of positive emotions, whilst enjoying your favorite visual entertainment, it also means enjoying superior functionality, versatility and reliability. SIM2’s in-depth research into video processing software has enabled them to develop some unique solutions that allow image quality to be fine tuned with supreme precision to suit the characteristics of the video source, environmental lighting levels, or simply to suit your own personal preferences. The intuitive and simple navigation menu allows you to easily control all of the projector’s refined features. The feeling of total satisfaction you get doesn’t stop at the technology, it extends into the services and warranties that customers the world over enjoy in both the short and long term: whether offered by SIM2 dealers or directly through SIM2 Multimedia, customer support is just one more expression of excellence in professionalism.