The Unfolding Vision


C'SEED is the TV that raises from the ground, unfolds the worlds largest TV display and adjusts in height and angle for the perfect viewing experience.

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The World’s largest Outdoor TV

The C SEED 201 packs its ultra powerful technology into a rigorously streamlined aesthetic created by Porsche Design Studio. Simplicity of form, durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship are combined in an austerely imposing installation.


The TV that raises from the ground unfolds and rotates to the perfect viewing angle. The C SEED 201 column takes 15 seconds to achieve its full height of 4.65 m (15 ft.) with effortless ease. Seven massive LED panels unfold equally soundlessly within the next 25 seconds.


The C SEED 201 sound system comprises 12 broadband speakers for the left and right audio channels, and 3 subwoofers for low frequencies. The speakers are specially designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.


At the core of the C SEED 201 is the multi-source media server that transfers HD video and audio data to the screen by connecting all existing devices via HDMI.