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Barco Residential

Barco is a technology leader in state-of-the-art professional visualization for a wide range of applications such as Digital Cinema. 40% of today’s cinema screens are equipped with Barco’s projectors.

Barco Residential products and technologies are custom-designed and built in Barco’s European Design Centers in Belgium and Norway, for the world’s highest quality level in image and sound. Together with an exclusive network of partners who deliver tailor-made solutions, Barco Residential has irrevocably changed the home entertainment experience.

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Passion, Experience and Expertise

Barco Residential is much more than the creator of the world’s best projectors for the finest home theaters and media rooms. We bring innovative visual experiences to all areas of the finest residences, combining technology leadership with architecture and interior design.

Award-winning DLP® Technology

The design and technology choices we make when building a projector are critical − that’s why Barco Residential exclusively uses DLP® technology, coupled with the highest quality optics, to achieve the best possible overall image quality.

Invented by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments in 1987, the DLP® technology was lauded with an Academy Award® of Merit for its use in DLP® digital cinema projection in 2014.

The DLP® chip is probably the world’s most sophisticated light switch. Every DLP chipset consists of an array of highly reflective aluminum micromirrors known as the digital micromirror device (DMD). When a DLP® chip is coordinated with a digital video or graphic signal, a light source, and a projection lens, its mirrors reflect a digital image onto a screen or other surface.


6P laser

Barco Residential are the makers of the world’s first and only integrated laser 6P 4K 3D projection solution for Home Cinema. In order to reliably achieve long lifetime at brightness levels twice that of xenon projectors, a sophisticated control system actively cools both laser modules and the DMD engine, providing a predictable 30,000-hour lifetime with at least 80% of the initial brightness.

Thanks to Barco’s industry-leading technology to minimize laser speckle, we are able to provide superior 2D and 3D images on both white and silver screens.

6P laser projection constantly delivers the highest levels of contrast, the widest color gamut and superlative image uniformity and sharpness.

 Advanced Color Management

Barco Residential projectors are not only accurately calibrated when they leave our factory, our color management system allows you to calibrate them, simply and precisely, to a desired white point or greyscale as well.

The system enables you to perform the necessary color management adjustments yourself to create the best visual experience in any situation.

Sealed Optical Architecture

Sealed optical engines are a hallmark of Barco’s DCI level projectors. Thanks to the patented, hermetically-sealed enclosure in our ‘Cinema at home’ projectors, dust cannot reach the DLP® chip, which ensures many years of undiminished brightness and contrast levels.

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