Sunny Isles Trump Towers: Smart Amenities Panel and Upgrades

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Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Eric Dickson, one of AHT Residential’s project managers. As of late, Eric has been busy at the Trump Towers in beautiful Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Eric is over seeing the integration of the Crestron smart amenities panels that are in each unit at Trump Tower III. If you are unfamiliar with the area, the view behind Eric, tells it all. It’s a beautiful place to work and play.

Eric and I decided to create an informative video to better illustrate the integration of the Crestron smart amenities panel. The AHT programming team did an amazing job in the design and programming of this high-end automated amenity system. Eric also explained the upgrade capabilities for the tenants who purchase a unit at any of the Trump buildings.

Trump Tower III offers the amenities panel as an added feature that a tenant can purchase when they buy a unit. According to Eric and the sales team at the Trump, most tenants have been electing to have these in their luxury apartment. And why not? For a little extra cash, they get an extra level of convenience and style.

Stay tuned for more of these cutting edge AV videos from AHT Residential. It was fun making this one, and we look forward to producing more in the future. A few people have commented that the video looks like the show MTV Cribs. Maybe we should start a new show called AHT Cribs? That would be pretty funny!

Key Takeaways: The smart amenities panel is a sleek convenient addition to any luxury condominium building.