Meridian Audio Steals the Show at CES 2015

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Our long time partners, Meridian-Audio made a huge impression on CES 2015 with their DSP8000SE Loudspeaker and their revolutionary MQA technology.

Ryan Donaher our long time Meridian-Audio representative stated, “It was the most successful show for Meridian in years. MQA and DSP-SE were a SMASH hit!” You don’t have to take Ryan’s word for it. Read the accolades and awards Meridian-Audio has received from some of the most knowledgeable people in the audio industry.

CES’s Speaker of the Year: DSP8000SE

The DSP8000 is Meridian’s flagship loudspeaker, and the Special Edition makes its performance even more awe-inspiring than before. One of the few loudspeakers available that can reproduce the sound of a full-size grand piano at realistic volume and with realistic dynamic range, the DSP8000SE takes this landmark loudspeaker even further with the full range of Special Edition enhancements.

MQA Receives Rave Reviews

MQA allows listeners to experience every intricate detail the microphone heard, offering music fans the purest ever sound. And it’s based firmly in science. For the first time in history, music fans will be able to hear at home what the artist created and approved in the recording studio, and MQA confirms its exact delivery.

Robert Harley, Editor-In-Chief, The Absolute Sound named MQA the most significant product introduction
“Although not a product, I can’t think of anything at CES as monumental as Meridian’s Master Quality Assured (MQA) digital encoding/decoding system. This is the high-res breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.”

From his show coverage:
“I’ve written in the previous two issues about Meridian Audio’s Master Quality Assured (MQA), a digital encoding and decoding system that promises to deliver better than 192kHz/24-bit performance—and with an average bitrate of just 1Mbps. At this CES I had an hour-long closed-door demo, and came away even more impressed than when I heard the system a year ago. MQA is digital audio taken to an entirely unprecedented quality level. Played through a pair of Meridian’s DSP7200 Digital Active Loudspeakers, MQA-encoded recordings had a lifelike realism that was nothing short of stunning. I don’t have the space here to describe everything that was so right about MQA, but watch for a full report in an upcoming issue. MQA is a game-changer.”
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Additional CES Coverage

AudioStream: (sister site to Stereophile) – Michael Lavorgna weighs in on MQA:
“While you could write a doctoral thesis on the technology behind Meridan’s MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), I’m going to take the easy way out and point you to John Atkinson’s excellent article in Stereophile for a thorough introduction.”
“…color me impressed.”
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Stereophile, Larry Greenhill covers Loudspeakers over $10K – also includes link to John Atkinson’s MQA story.
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SoundStage, Brent Butterworth includes Explorer in his round up

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Audio interview by Enjoy the Music with Richard Hollinshead:
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MQA Q&A Video with Bob Stuart and Craig Kallman (CEO of Atlantic Records)

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