A Home Builders Guide to Working with Technology Integrators

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Choosing the right home automation company can save time, money and hassle. Like any industry, the home technology industry has it’s share of good, bad and ugly integrators. In this post, we are going to explore what you should look for when choosing the right integrator for your new construction project.


Integrators accomplish more than simply installing hardware. They should first understand what the requirements and goals of the home developers are, then create a plan to achieve those goals, recommend equipment, and work inside a set budget and time period. The home automation integrator should be accessible for meetings to talk about different aspects of the project. These meetings should continue throughout the different project phases. In the event that the automation company is not available, there’s a chance that your project could go past its deadline and budget.

Testing Protocols

An experienced home automation company will test all equipment and components before the installation. Skipping out on the testing procedure is an indication of poor craftsmanship, and can cause the project to stall. AHT houses a 16 zone audio and video rack installation room at it’s headquarters in Miami, Florida. This is where AHT technicians test and assemble racks to specifications.

Quality Brands and Products

The significance of high-quality brands and equipment should not be looked over. The products used will make or break the system, and it’s important to find an automation company that uses only reputable products that are known to last and perform well. Don’t be afraid to ask about the brands used, the follow-up support, updates, and upgrades that the company provides.  If you have any questions regarding the quality or performance of the products, ask your integrator for help.

Equipment Rack & Placement

Consulting with an integrator right off the bat in the building process will help to ensure a proper space for the equipment. Rather than waiting until the end to choose your integrator, acquiring them from the beginning, will help to avoid future redesigns. building specific areas for ventilation, racks, and placement for electronic components. Having to move these systems or change the scope of the project because the proper steps were not taken in the beginning increases costs and decreases the projects success.  Proper planning ahead of time will lead to a more seamless, efficient, and cost-effective process –making for happier clients all around.


Punctuality, proper attire and the ability to communicate effectively are all signs of professionalism. While this should go without saying, it’s also important to find an integrator with a deep and thorough knowledge of their products and the entire installation process. Don’t settle for anything less than absolute professionalism.

The relationship between home builder and home automation integrator is essential. Keep in mind whoever you choose to work with will be an integral part of the building process. You will need to work together to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

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