Home Automation Technology: Hurricane Preparation Made Simple

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted a near normal hurricane season this year, but that’s not exactly reassuring since Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas and the southeastern portion of the United States experienced Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew gave everyone a reminder of what it means to be prepared for a major hurricane. Over the past week, many homes and businesses hurried to protect their properties for the worse while hoping for the best.

What if there was a better solution? Home automation’s purpose is to make a home more convenient and secure.  How can home automation help during hurricane preparation? Let’s explore.

Automated Storm Shutters

By far, the most time consuming chore during  hurricane preparation is boarding the windows. Having hurricane shutters installed is a big plus that saves time, but what if you are out of town when the storm is approaching? What if you are unable to manual secure the shutters? Luckily, there are home automation solutions to automate shutters based on wind speed or remote access. With remote access, barricading shutters can be activated at the residence or remotely from any corner of the world by the home owner or manager.

Shutters provide the ultimate in personal protection during a hurricane. They protect the home’s assets and furnishings from both flying debris  and also offer the security necessary from any vandals or looters using the natural disaster as an opportunity to gain access to your valuables.

Outdoor IP Camera System

Durable outdoor security systems serve as a hedge against opportunistic criminality, particularly during inclement weather conditions and emergencies such as hurricanes making land-fall. When waves begin to crash over seawalls and other barriers, flooding residential streets, and winds begin to blow dangerous debris about the community, many criminals seize their opportunities to loot and steal without consequence. The simple addition of a security or surveillance system monitoring and recording homes and businesses can act as a significant deterrent to opportunistic and professional criminals alike. Capturing and recording data about the commission of crimes can aid in the recovery of stolen property, and can help law enforcement officers to identify, apprehend and prosecute criminals before they have an opportunity to strike again.

Whole Home Generator

AHT has installed many home automation systems in homes that utilize a whole home generator system. In case the power is lost, the home automation system is immediately powered  by the generator.

If this is an option you would like to explore, you’ll need to hire a plumber to connect the unit to its fuel source, and an electrician to hook it into your house’s power supply. Both should be licensed and certified for the brand of equipment you are installing and familiar with local codes that govern such issues as how close the generator can be located to the house, and whether or not you need a permit. Also be sure to check with your utility company — some require approval before installation.

Immediate Alerts Via Weather App

Many of AHT designed home automation systems come with a weather app that gives the latest weather news, alerts and warnings. These warnings can also be sent via email or text message if you are out of town. By being informed, you can make the best decision when it comes to your property.

It’s Time to take Action

Hurricane season extends from June 1 to the end of November. We have already experienced Matthew, it’s now time to protect your home for future storms.

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