Electronic Window Privacy Glass: An Alternative to Motorized Shades

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Windows are the gateway to the outside world. They provide a way for sunlight to enter your home and a view of the snow, rain, and other elements . When windows and automation combine, the possibilities abound. In a residential home, electronic automated window glass provides style, luxury, convenience and privacy all with a touch of a button.

Electronic privacy glass is the “James Bond” of luxury window treatments. Most homeowners choose electric windows for its ability to create a cleaner looking space. The aesthetic characteristics of electronic glass is one element, but there is a “cool” factor with electronic glass too.

Electronic glass require a 120VAC hookup but does not require a separate circuit. When unpowered,the glass is frosted or “private.” When powered, the particles in the glass align and make the glass “clear.”

When compared against motorized shades, electronic Glass is more expensive, but provides practical application in areas where motorized shades might not be the best fit like in bathrooms or areas where the shades can get damp and dirty quickly.

Crestron and other automation manufacturers can be used to control the electronic glass from a handheld device, touch panel or computer. However, a professional home automation control firm, like AHT Residential, will have to be contracted for the design, programming and installation of the product.

Electric Glass

Bathroom Privacy Windows & Electronic Glass for Showers

Doors and windows with switchable privacy glass are most popular in bathrooms and areas where privacy is needed. A floor to ceiling bathroom privacy windows have glass that turns opec with a the touch of a button.

Additionally, if a window has different glass panels, each panel can be segmented, allowing for the top portion of the glass to be controlled independently from the bottom portion for extra flexibility.

As home automation continues to become more and more popular, more options will be available to homeowners to make every detail standout.  Automated electronic windows are a perfect addition in select areas of a home if motorized shades are not the ideal solution. They offer the convenience of adjusting one or multiple windows at a time to meet personal preferences and privacy at the touch of a button.

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