DIY Home Automation: Not for The Faint of Heart

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Many retailers and tech companies have created so-called DIY home automation products, promising to save the consumer money and make home technology easier than ever. Unfortunately, these products cause a nightmare for set-up and a headache when it comes to integrating multiple automated devices into one control system.

Trouble With Individual DIY Devices

Some home automation devices can indeed by installed and operated fairly easily as a DIY project—just not controlled by any sort of central system capable of controlling other devices. Homeowners would need to set up every device separately, then control each one with a separate app.

The DIY market has also bred DIY hubs, intended to control multiple devices. They look simple on the showroom floor, but quickly become tangled webs of wires at home. Even worse, these hubs still prevent you from controlling all of your devices in one place—one hub might control some devices, but not all.

Simple, Professional Home Automation

Don’t bother with the never-ending project of a DIY home automation system. AHT consults with you to understand your goals and vision, then we design a customized plan to install and integrate a system with all the features you really want:

  • User-friendly. Our home automation technology from Crestron makes home automation as simple as possible. Command everything from the touchscreen display, your mobile device, or even voice control.
  • Premium design. We work with a robust offering of products and often order direct from manufacturers, all in the name of bringing you cutting-edge technology with beautiful design.
  • Versatility. As new home automation products come available, you’ll want to incorporate them into one singular solution. Avoid the disappointment of DIY systems that limit you from adding on new devices that aren’t compatible.


DIY systems have the major downside of messy wires and impossible organization which make it difficult for servicing. When you bring home a DIY system, you have to figure out how to arrange the hardware and wiring for all your devices. Later on, troubleshooting and service creates a headache.

Typical DIY Wiring

Typical DIY Wiring

Professionally organized racks and wiring make it simpler to store, manage and service your home automation system. AHT installs neatly organized racks with all wires labeled, ensuring clean design and easy function.

AHT Residential Designed Rack

AHT Residential Designed Rack


While DIY systems sound appealing, the lack of functionality and compatibility creates a technological mess instead of what everyone wants from home automation: simple, powerful, brilliant ways to change the way you live at home.


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