Crestron Zūm Wireless Lighting Control Aims to Simplify Installation

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Crestron, earlier this week, announced they are now shipping their new wireless lighting control solution, Zūm.  The new product line is engineered to make the setup and management of lighting control, in virtually any space, easy and more affordable. Wireless dimmers, switchers, sensors and other components are part of the new product line. Centralized building-wide lighting control can be deployed using the same devices as standalone systems.

How Does Zūm Work?

A single Zūm load controller can support up to 32 devices. Each device has a wireless communication range of 150 feet in every direction. Communication transmits from one device to the other to create a mesh network of up to 2.25 million square feet. There’s no need for interface boxes or exposed antenna hanging from the ceiling.

Crestron Zūm: Fast, Easy, and Affordable Lighting Control from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.

“Setting up standalone lighting control in any space is as easy as ‘pair and play,'” says Evan Ackmann, technology manager, lighting, Crestron. “With just a few taps, everything just works. Zūm devices are self aware and communicate with each other to provide intelligent wireless lighting control without programming or commissioning.”

“Zūm Network Bridges snap onto the Zūm Load Controller to add remote setup, daylighting, time-clock scheduling, temporary overrides and other advanced capabilities,” according to Crestron.

Zūm Network Bridge

The Zūm Network Bridge enables remote management, including time clock scheduling, executing temporary overrides, daylighting and building-wide on/off. Direct communication with Zūm Cloud services centralized network management.Zūm can easily identify all vacant rooms with the lights turned on and then those lights can all be turned off remotely. Zūm Cloud also provides instant alert notifications for remote support and room usage data collection and reporting.

In Conclusion

Zūm is yet another example why we have been partners with Crestron for the past twenty years – their constant pursuit to simplify the integrated technology process.  We look forward to using the Zūm product line in future projects to see how it performs in our projects. Contact us for any questions regarding Zūm, or your home automation needs.

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