Cell Phone Boosters: Increase Bars and Signal Strength

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AHT is committed to all forms of technology enhancements that can make your home a more convenient environment. As part of a whole home integration system, AHT can ensure cell phone strength is to optimal standards. If your home’s location provides a weak signal, one solution is to install a cell phone booster.

Cell phone signal boosters are devices that boost your cell signals to and from your mobile phone, increasing your number of bars, internet speed, coverage, and connection reliability.In addition to better reception,  a cell phone booster can also increase  battery life since it requires less power to find and broadcast signals.

The Problem & Solution

Urban areas and commercial development create an urban jungle for cellular signals. Signals face interference from high buildings or obstructions, metal structures, thick insulated interiors—a multitude of external and internal clutter that impedes, reflects, and dampens the cell signal penetration before it reaches your phone.Even if you live right next to a cell tower, your building material can block that signal easily.

A cell phone repeater simply strengthens that signal, meaning despite the obstacles and number of users on one cell tower, a properly-installed cell phone amplifier user versus a non-amplifier user should see better results. In laymen’s terms, from low bars to more bars, faster and more reliable speed, with up to 32X in signal boost.

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The Brands We Use and Recommend

SureCall specializes in the design and manufacture of cell phone signal boosters, amplifiers and accessories. Our cellular signal boosters dramatically improve cellular reception for businesses, homes, vehicles and watercraft. Our flagship product line of FCC-approved cell phone signal boosters enhance the range and reception of almost any cellular transmission, including voice or 4G data. SureCall is the first to market leader with:

  • 5 Band Amplifiers
  • 4G
  • Highest dB gain products

Wilson Signal Booster creates products to make it easier for people to solve the sometimes challenging problem of boosting their cell phone signal.

Final Thougts

90% of American adults own a cell phone and a majority of them using mobile internet, the need for constant signal isn’t a luxury. It’s a way of life. If you have a question of need assistance, please free to contact one of our locations for more information.