AV Interior Design Tips: 5 Innovative Motorized TV Lift Ideas

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Televisions that disappear into the ceiling, the floor, cabinet or pretty much anywhere else are the type of futuristic feature we associate with some sci-fi movies or high-tech interior designs. During the past few years we have come closer to making this a more approachable feature, less fictional and more realistic. The TV lift concept opens up many possibilities when designing a modern and contemporary interior spaces.

Below are 5 ways to incorporate a motorized TV lift into your pre-constructed or pre-existing space.


The subtle cut outs at the top give away the fact that this is not a regular storage cabinet but something completely different. There’s a lift inside of it which uses a motorized system which can be controlled remotely.


This unique TV lift fits snuggly into a side-wall and slides out when turned on.


An in-ceiling TV lift sits in the ceiling of a room, and is active


For larger displays, a TV lift that rises from the floor might be the best option.


For multiple viewing areas, like an adjacent dinning and kitchen room, a motorized TV swivel, might be the perfect solution for your needs.

The Bootom Line

Motorized TV lifts ensure that televisions are visible and a part of the interior decor only when needed, and hidden and tucked away when not in use. The best time to incorporate in-wall or in-ceiling TV lifts are during pre-construction or during major renovations. If you have a pre-existing space, an in-cabinet TV lift would probably be your best bet.

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