5 Outdoor Technology Improvements to Create a More Luxurious Environment

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Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time to upgrade your outdoor living area. Evolving trends and improving technology mean there is a lot you can do. Below are several updates that can make your home’s outdoor areas more convinent and enjoyable.

1. Smart Irrigation System

Smart home technology is flourishing, and the luxurious lawns that enhance outdoor living spaces also hold enormous potential when it comes to convenience and creating a smarter home. Companies like GreenIQ, an Internet of Things startup and wireless irrigation control producer, are diving head first into the luxury residential market by providing smart gardening and irrigation systems that can make sue your landscaping is being taken care of year round.

2.  Install Smart Lights Outdoors

When your outdoor parties stretch late into the evening, you’ll be glad you have smart lighting. Your lights can go beyond mere illumination to create the perfect mood lighting for your guests as the day turns into night.

Even if you’re not throwing parties, you’ll love the additional comfort and safety outdoor smart lights can give you. Stay outside and enjoy the warm evening as late as you want, and don’t worry about fumbling for switches.

3. Pool and Hot Tub Controls

Take control of your backyard experience with a user-friendly, innovative pool automation and control system. You will be able to access pool and spa features via a handheld touchscreen or smartphone. You can even set pool and hot tub tempatures before you arrive home.

4. Outdoor Audio

There are a lot of brands for outdoor audio, but our go-to choices are Sonance or James Loudspeaker. Their collection of subwoofers and speakers create exceptional sound and have never let us down when it comes to durability. The satellite speakers blend into the surrounding landscape—place them among bushes, flowerbeds, and paths.

5. Outdoor Ultra Bright Televisions

Harsh sunlight, reflections and unpredictable weather conditions are all concerns when installing televisions outdoors. Luckily, there are televisions on the market that are designed to withstand the harsh elements of the great outdoors. For example,  the Séura Storm Ultra Bright™ Television combines incredible brightness with sophisticated anti-glare technology to provide remarkable picture clarity in any lighting conditions, including bright sunlight.

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