3 Ways Your Home Will Be Getting Smarter in the Future

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Smart home technology  makes homes more convenient, comfortable and secure. Over the past several decades, major improvements have been made to residential technology. Lighting, window treatments, climate, entertainment and security have all had major overhauls. The advent of the smartphone and handheld tablet, devices that were brought to market only in the past 5 -10 years, have completely transformed the way people control and communicate –not only with each other – but also with other devices in their home. With so many improvements and new capabilities happening in such a short time, what does the future hold? The technologies below could give hints.

House Chores

The modern home is a place to relax and unwind. Technologies that can create convenience in a home are always a plus. How about a kitchen that helps you cook? This is the vision of  Innit, the world’s first connected food company. The software uses recognition technology to determine what food is in your fridge or food placed on the counter. From there, the software will provide different recipes and steps on how to make different meals. Learn more from the video below.

Another domestic chore getting an overhaul is laundry. No one enjoys doing tons of laundry. Especially, when it comes to folding it. FoldiMate makes the worst part about laundry a breeze. It fits right next to your washer and dryer and folds your clothes for you.

Voice Control

Apple and Amazon also have their sights on integrating with smart home technology. iPhone users have been using Siri for several years. Siri can tell you the location of the closest pizzeria or who won the ball game, but did you know Siri can also be programmed to control your home via voice? The same can be said with Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa is the voice of Amazon’s Echo. Amazon is betting on Alexa to become a staple in the home automation space. Just speak, and everything in your home will be controlled. This technology is here, and bets are it will only improve and become more mainstream over time.



Just like Innit’s recognition software, security is using recognition technology for surveillance. A recent study found that security features are the most popular “Internet of Things” functions, with devices for home monitoring via cameras and sensors having the highest appeal. Security cameras that use recognition software can tell the difference between people and pets, and alert the homeowner when it “sees” something peculiar.

Moving Towards the Future

Technology will always be evolving and improving. For homeowners, this means more convenience, comfort and security. If you have any questions about home technology and AHT Global’s services, feel free to contact us below.

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